Panificadores Ilustres

Enhancing the remaining industrial heritage

The Panificadora is an old industrial building where was produced bread and flour in Vigo from 1924 to 1980. Because of the growth of the city, the building actually is just in the corner of the city center and on the side of City Council’s main building. After its closure, the building was occupied by drug addicts and cats, and young people used to go there after the night out. The split of the property between two different owners increases the problem as they do not agree on the plans for the site.

Over the last years, the City Council has been trying to solve the problem and find a common place between owners, who want to demolish the building, and citizens, who are against. To achieve that, they proposed a competition to find a solution to the Panificadora.

Vigo, Spain


Competition entry

2016 –


Vigo City Council

Main Architect

FLGN Arquitectos
Alba Martín

AllPlan, Photoshop, Indesign

Master plan

The approach settled by the studio was to maintain most of the actual buildings, where public services will be located, like gym, libraries and the Bread Museum, sponsored by the Port. The new buildings (the red ones), will achieve the expectations of the City Council and the owners, as they want to make residential buildings to sell, and this will help to improve the city skyline, actually unbalanced by the City Council’s main building.

The other issue in Vigo is topography, and in this particular building the connection between the site and its surroundings is non-existent. One of the aims of our proposal was to erase the topographic boundaries that existed

Vigo celebrities (in the middle, our major) & axon
Buildings in the complex
Communication and images

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