From a military building to a research center

ETEA is an abandoned military base in the Ría the Vigo. The University of Vigo commisioned a competition to submit proposals for one of the buildings, the Faraday Building, where they wanted to create a research center.

Vigo, Spain

2.1 M

Competition Entry




Main Architect

FLGN Arquitectos
Alba Martín

AllPlan, Photoshop, Indesign

Our proposal was to enhance the courtyard as the communication element of the whole building. From that space, you would be able to access al the rooms of the building. It was impossible to succesfully implant all the competition requirements without creating a new floor, so we used it to contrast the stiffness of the building with a natural façade.

Original Building

Manuel Álvarez Osorio, Commander from 1952 to 1963, designed this building in 1952 and its construction ended in 1958.

Roof removal

The first step of the renovation is the removal of the roof to create the new addition.

Main communications removal

We remove the actual stairs to free the façade

New vertical communications

With the new stairs and elevator core we  enhance the entrance axis and allow to freely create the new communications without too many demolition.

New volume

In the addition will be the more restricted areas and the ones that require more installations so we don’t touch the building more than necessary

Final project

Because the main communications of the building arrive to the courtyard, we propose the coverage of the patio.

Floor plans
Interior render
Main section